Heliworx Waikato offers a full range of services for all types of Agricultural and Horticultural work. Services include…

1. Pasture weed spraying : (Thistles, Buttercup,

    Ragwort, Penny Royal etc)

2. Liquid Fertiliser applications including Organic


3. Solid Fertiliser applications:  (Urea, DAP, Triple

    Super etc) We can supply  a Truck for Bulk or

    Bag delivery.

4. Brushweed spraying: (Gorse, Blackberry,Scrub,

    Willows, Broom  etc)

5. Forestry: ( Pre-plant and post-plant spraying)

6. Crop spraying: (Brassicas, sweetcorn, maize etc)

7. Horticulture: (Asparagus, apples, blueberries)

8. Seeding: (Hill country crops or re-seeding)

9. Baiting: (Cricket baiting & Slug control)


We can also offer frost Protection for sensitive crops including Blueberries, Grapes and Kiwifruit.



We can offer lifting operations up to 450kgs depending on site etc.  Lifting operations include construction, material to remote sites, stringing Powerlines, fencing equipment, watertanks, animal recovery etc.

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